Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

Condition: New


  • 2 to 9 players, ages 10 and up
  • Many different Privilege and scoring cards, only a few of which are used each game, guarantee replay ability
  • Tactical family game



Deep in the forests of the North lives an enchanting elf tribe called the Frog riders. Each spring, they hold a tournament, where their four major squads perform a mock battle. Whoever best manages to capture valuable units and make clever use of their special abilities will take the victory! Frog riders is a tactical family game in which you collect the custom-molded plastic figures by making them leap over one another. Each of the collected Frog riders can be kept for scoring or returned to use its special ability. Due to the many different privilege cards and several scoring cards (of which only a few are used each game), there are a lot of tactical nuances to discover, and many strategies to employ to win at Frog riders!.

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