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Wolfenstein The Board Game

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Availability: Estimated Availability Aug 2021

1960s. The Nazis rule the world! Join the resistance where the Allies lost the WW2 and tried to break free from a Nazi dominated world!


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Welcome to Castle Wolfenstein - where you and a team of resistance fighters are going to find and assassinate Adolf Hitler himself.

Shoot your way through Nazi soldiers and sneak past the guards - it's up to you. Explore hidden areas, uncover the castle's secrets or stay focused on the mission. Work as a team of skilled heroes, ready to combine forces and make the Nazis wish they had never won the war. Wreak havoc in the halls of Castle Wolfenstein with an arsenal of super-powered weapons and defeat mighty bosses. 

EVERYTHING STARTED HERE! in Castle Wolfenstein, and here it will end!

Check out the game in depth at https://battlequarters.com/blog/kickstarter/wolfenstein-the-board-game

This is the Kickstarter Version game consisting of

Wolfenstein: The Board Game
"Old Blood" Expansion
"All-Stars" Expansion KS Exclusive
All unlocked Stretch Goals

Play Style Cooperative Games
Game Type Adventure, Dungeon Crawling
Core Game Mechanics Variable Player Actions

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