Silicon Valley STARTUPS

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  • Pitch a ridiculous silicon Valley startup company in this hilarious adult party game!
  • Pull cards to determine your startup's name, industry and target user -ending up with the most random and ridiculous combinations.
  • Get creative and pitch your crazy startup idea to get funding from the Investor.
  • Fake it 'Till you make it in this game of hilarious pitches and quick thinking!



Silicon Valley Startups is the hilarious adult party game where you're met with an absurd startup company by luck of the draw, then get creative to secure funding. Get ready for big laughs when you pitch your crazy company to the Investor -but first you need to build your business! Pull a card with instructions to create your company name, sometimes asking the group for their input. Then, pull a card with a Target User. Finally, bring it all together by pulling an Industry card. Between the three cards, you could end up pitching a company called Elbow Wax targeting ballerinas in the space travel industry. Start pitching! Get creative and fake it 'til you make it. But watch out because, reflecting the reality of high-pressure situations in venture capitalist pitches, the Investor pulls a "Hot Trend" card causing players to pivot and respond to something like, "How do Drones factor into your plan" Silicon Valley Startups is the perfect party game for adults, or for family game night with teens 14 years old and up.  Colors and decorations may vary.

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