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Manufacturer: Facade Games

Condition: New


Trophies is a quick, easy-to-learn party game for 2-30 players.



  • A GAME FOR THURSDAYS: Save games with long explanations for the weekend. Instead, play Trophies, a game so simple and fun that it only takes seconds to learn how to play.
  • WORD GAME: In the game of Trophies, the judge reads a topic and shows the group a random letter. Win a trophy card by being the first to say a word that matches the topic and letter.
  • DETAILS: Play this 5-15 minute long game with 2-30 players ages 8 years old and up. Trophies includes 70 unique trophy cards, 350 topics, and a teeny-tiny metal trophy for the winner.
  • TROPHY PRIZE: The player with the most trophies wins and gets to hoist the included little metal trophy high above their head while the person who “tried their best” gets a participation trophy.
  • FUN FOR FAMILIES: Boys and girls love playing this quick and easy game for family and friends. It's the perfect entertainment for kids, teens, and adults at game nights and parties.

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