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Tsuro of the Seas


Manufacturer: Calliope Games

Condition: New


In Tsuro of the Seas, you’ll sail the treacherous waters of the Mystic Seas in an engaging game of adventure and suspense! 



Package Contents
  • 1 game board
  • 50 wake tiles
  • 10 daikaiju tiles
  • 8 Imperial Japanese Red Seal Ships
  • 2 dice (1 gold, 1 blue)
  • Rules

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-8
Time: 20-40 minutes

In Tsuro of the Seas, players follow a path created by tiles, just like in the original Tsuro. Now, however, players are competing not just against each other but against daikaiju that move across the board, consuming tiles, players, and even other daikaiju.

Tsuro of the Seas is played on a 7x7 grid—slightly larger than the original Tsuro—with coordinates designated along the top and left side. Each set of coordinates is represented by a gold and blue die. Players use these coordinates to place daikaiju before and during the game.

On the active player’s turn, they will roll both dice. If the combined result is a six, seven, or eight, the daikaiju move. (With all other die rolls the daikaiju remain stationary.) If the daikaiju are moving, the active player then rolls a single die that will determine which direction the daikaiju move as indicated by the numbered arrows on the daikaiju tile.

Should a daikaiju hit another daikaiju, wake tile, or ship that game component is removed from the board. If it’s a player’s ship that is hit, that player is out of the game. The last player remaining on the board is the winner!

Game Features

  • Fun, Fast, and Exciting: Tsuro of the Seas is a fast-moving, action-packed game that takes just 20-40 minutes to play.
  • Elegant Game Design: The Tsuro tiles used in Tsuro of the Seasmakes it easy to learn and a blast to play!
  • Gorgeous Artwork: In traditional Tsuro fashion, Tsuro of the Seaspulls the players into the game’s world through beautifully crafted pieces and exquisite artwork. Tsuro of the Seas makes a great coffee table game.
  • Strategic Game Play with Random Elements: Players can easily see and plan for the dangers ahead, but they never know when danger will strike!
  • Great Entertainment Value: The replay value of Tsuro of the Seasis exceptional! No two games will ever play the same.

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