19 Jun
Applying Washes

Applying Washes

In this article I would like to show you an easy way to apply “washes”. For this example I will show you how apply the wash in a sword.
As example I’ll be using the boxart from a 28mm miniature of the Infinity game belonging to Corvus Belli

The sword: After painting the sword with the lights and shadows we will apply some washes for that magic effect!! For this we will be using Vallejo’s Model Color paint and the new WASH SET.

1/ 2. The dilution of paint is 3 drops of water and one of paint (3:1).

3. For the first wash we use yellow green.
4. For the next step we will do a wash using a mixture of yellow green and green wash (from the WASH SET).

5/6. Apply the wash.

7/8. Apply another wash using only the green wash from the set and applying it in the shadows.


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