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Heroes of Stalingrad

Heroes of Stalingrad

The Eastern Front, October 1942 — Whilst the German armies have put their boot down and established firm control of the Western front, their counterparts on the Eastern front are kept very busy in the USSR. Some of them will soon be trapped in one of the larger Communist cities: Stalingrad.

Heroes of Stalingrad is a standalone wargame by Devil Pig Games. Make use of the dynamic and strategic HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE and dive right into one of the most decisive battles of the Second World War. Play as your favourite Hero alongside your friendly troops during two-player games of 30 minutes or more. Perform heroic deeds of derring-do as seen in many War movies.

Whether or not you know our other games that use the same system, Heroes of Stalingrad is an ideal game to discover the HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE.

For those that are familiar with Heroes of Normandie, Stalingrad uses the same core mechanics. This makes the game compatible with the earlier campaigns and you can inter change troops and game boards to have more variations/

The area lies in ruins after heavy bombing by the Luftwaffe. Yet the Russians refuse to give up the city. Intense combat ensues for control of every room in so many buildings as they are taken, lost, retaken,… time and again. The Germans call it the Rattenkrieg, the war of the rats. Imagine charging infantry, exploding grenades, bursts of MG34 and DP28 machine guns, artillery and tanks releasing their deadly ordnance…
At night and during lulls in the battle, loudspeakers amplify the dreary propaganda messages as they relentlessly echo through the air in order to demoralize the enemy. For a brief period nothing seems to stir in the omnipresent rubble. A sniper takes aim and fires a crisp single shot… one enemy less in Stalingrad...

Just like its predecessors, Heroes of Stalingrad focuses more on the theme of WW2 taken from warfilms and other pop culture WW2 references. This means... it may be slightly historical semi-accurate. A lot of other table top war games are already covering this accurately so its not really a let down. The fact that HoS's narrative is as such gives it a fun flavor to the game. 

Yes, HoS is a tabletop wargame. Its also grid base and its one of the most streamlined, direct to action wargames we've ever played. One of the pull factors for this game is the time needed to setup, troop deployment and play. The whole point of this game is to simplify the tabletop experience. The 2D flat pieces are your vehicles and infantry!. 

The artwork on these are beautifully done. Stats on every unit is easy to read and once you get the hang on the Heroes System, all information will be at your fingertips to strategize a victorious outcome. Terrain boards provides the scene where the situation takes place and these too have 'stats' which clearly defines questions like "what can be seen through" and "what are cover" etc etc.

So instead reading through rule systems and army books, painting units and setting up terrains... try out Heroes of Stalingrad which will get you wargaming minus the "hassle" within minutes.

p/s: of course what we meant by hassle is considered generally the lovely hobby time we have with our minis.


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