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Do you know your true identity?

 2 - 13 player(s)  30+ min  Ages 10+



Attend the Mascarade and attempt to discover the identity of your opponents. Who's telling the truth? Who's bluffing? Reveal the truth to the crowd, while hiding your own true identity! Mascarade is a game of hidden identities, bluffing, and deduction for two to thirteen players. The goal of the game is to gain the most gold, but you can obtain gold by telling the truth or by successfully bluffing. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a Character card, but as the game goes on, your Character card (and your identity) will change with dizzying speed. Can you penetrate the lies to determine your opponent's secrets? Do you even know your own identity?

Mascarade contains:

  • Rules
  • Thirteen Character cards and one blank Character card
  • One courthouse board
  • Assorted coins
  • Fourteen Characters markers

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